It feels right to say “Thank you” after all, this is the season of gratitude.

Every day as Therapy Radiographer we see individuals with an astonishing amount of gratitude towards us. With everything the individuals are going through, they carry the strength to show their appreciation, gratitude, and honesty towards us. Which makes this career such a rewarding one. Whether its through a lovely card, or chocolates, or a hug, they amazingly show us gratitude on a daily basis.

As a Therapy Radiographer, we work closely with individuals were able to pick up such emotions, the quiet ones, the ones who don’t want to fuss, and we know how to help and alleviate any emotions within that moment.

Some individuals aren’t coping well with the side effects of the treatment, and we know how to minimise these side effects, when it works well and how to support them through this time.

Just writing this makes it all real, as this is a day a day snippet of work in a Therapy’s Radiographer’s life. We do really make a difference.

All in a days work. The working team is something special, we each help each other on difficult days, (as we all have them)  and lift each other up, whether through chocolate or tea, as they really do help!

So I want to show gratitude in all the individuals that show us gratitude on a daily basis, you are really appreciated. Whether it is family members, your sister, your brother, mum, dad, partner, pet or stranger on the street. Showing gratitude, a thank you, a hug, a compliment, goes a long way.

I hope we all show and receive some sort of gratitude each day, as the small actions do really count to be something big.

Thank you