Cancer Skin Care

Throughout my years of clinical experience within the NHS and private work

I began my adventure of skin within Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy. It was a large learning curve within the skin care industry.

However whilst I was researching. It was apparent that there are many creams out there designed based from previous patients. However with little research.

“Cancer Skin Care, I developed a skin care from my experience”

“Radiotherapy Skin Care, I had burns, I needed something to soothe my skin, therefore designed my own ”

“I had previous breast cancer… this skin care was used”

However this may work for certain types of skin, but not always if radiation or chemotherapy is involved (there are many products you can’t use whilst having treatment), as without research, you can potentially be using something inappropriate on your skin.

Be careful on even the most advertised gentle skin care, as this can even irritate the most sensitive of skin.

Our skin care has been designed for individuals going through treatment ( as there is many products you can’t use whilst having treatment) to reduce the inflammation, as well as reduce the flakiness of skin.

With reducing the flakiness of skin, this will reduce the skin breaking and in turn reduce infection.

Having been tested, dermatologically tested with our Dr Yang.

This is skin care for individuals going through treatment, as well as skin care for eczema and psoriasis.

We will advise you on your skin care as you go through treatment.

Thank you