Strange Times 2020- Reflection for NHS and the World

As you can all imagine, during these strange and bewildering times we are under intense pressure throughout the society.

I understand the NHS is under pressure, and we are. We are following scripts, extending shifts to increase times between patients, taking individuals temperature, minimising visitors with patients.

Each and everyone of us has been affected by this horrible time. And yes the NHS during this time is pulling together its resources.

However I wanted to remind us all of the other individuals helping us.

Carers, delivery men and women, postmen and post women, or individuals that are self employed that are having to think of ways to make money to name but a few. Want to say Thank you, you work hard, as I find the NHS does get recognised, but there are grafters, or other key workers, that don’t get the recognition they deserve.

As much as it can be a stressful time. And I don’t know how about you, but I can lose focus, knowing things are unknown at the moment. Try and keep normality and routine, if you can.

Im trying to do as much background things for my business, and reflecting on what I can be, or should be looking at the future.

Given time for reflection is hard to get into for the first few days, however we will all get in to our own routine at home either with kids, or working from home, or having to go to work for certain key workers.

Reflecting on what we can look forward whilst we are all having a quieter period at the moment can help.

I write or as I like to think of “mind dump” on what I am thinking, to get it all out, and makes it so much easier to visualise of what I need to do it, and how to go about achieving these.

Even during these quieter months, you can achieve the smallest of achievements, such as sending emails that you’ve been meaning to, or redesigning something, or going for a walk you haven’t tried.

I hope you are all reflecting and are all keeping well in your own way.

This shall pass and will look back and think we all did the best we could

Take Care