How to care for your skin after treatment

How to care for your skin, after you have had Radiotherapy.

As a Therapy Radiographer. My patients can suffer with their skin after Radiotherapy.

As Radiotherapy treatment is accumulative, the skin will take a couple of weeks to repair itself after your last treatment.

My tips:

  • Apply the moisturiser morning and evening, and ensure the moisturiser is soaked in.
  • You can apply the moisturiser long term, to ensure the skin is nice and supple, and less dry and irritated. (Chemotherapy can also dry your skin out)
  • If the skin is broken, be careful not to use certain creams. It should say on the bottle on whether to use the moisturiser on broken skin.
  • Your skin – long term will be sensitive to the sun, and therefore you should use at least 30SPF on your skin, to ensure it is protected.
  • You may need to cover the area with clothing to protect it from the sun, during your treatment, and this may be after to.
  • You know your skin best, and will know when it’s heal to its natural self.
  • Pat the area dry, rather than rub with a towel, to minimise irritation.
  • If the skin is still sensitive, and needs shaving, use an electric shaver rather than a razor.
  • Be careful with tight clothing, looser, cotton or linen fabrics may be more comfortable.

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