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Does Radiotherapy cause Hair Loss?

The short answer- it depends.

It all depends where you are having treatment.

The good thing is Radiotherapy is localised. It only affects the area that we are treating, i.e. breast, only affecting the breast.

However if we are near head area- radiation can cause localised hair loss. Meaning the hair will thin out, and may drop out where we are radiating. Although again it depends on the amount of Radiotherapy you are having.

You don’t tend to see localised hair loss, if you are only having one fraction of Radiotherapy. However if you are having multiple fractions or sessions then you make experience hair loss.

However if you are having Chemotherapy the same time as having your Radiotherapy- then you may experience hair loss due to the Chemotherapy rather than the Radiotherapy.

I hope this was helpful.

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Jasmin Jones.

Therapy Radiographer

BSc & Masters in Radiotherapy.