Skincare products by Jasmin Jones

At Jasmin Jones our products are rich in detail offering you high quality products.

Our products are designed for all members of the family especially individuals going through Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy. Our belief is for our service and our products to help others through a tough time.

Hand-drawn designed clothing with discreet and adaptive features, to make dressing easier and comfortable. Our gentle skin care range at affordable high street prices.

My background with cancer care 

Having had a wonderful career as a Therapeutic Radiographer within BSc Radiotherapy and Oncology, I gained an MSc level in Healthcare Leadership and Management within the process of a 10 year career span.

This led me on a personal journey throughout the Oncology industry having travelled across the UK to manage and treat thousands of patients.

The story of how I decided to find skin care products and clothes for cancer patients

It occurred to me throughout my time as a Therapeutic Radiographer that individuals were buying products that were potentially harmful to their skin whilst having Radiotherapy and/or Chemotherapy.

This is how my passion to search and design for gentle, and luxury skin care and comfortable, adaptive and luxurious clothing originally began.

Both industries needed to be from natural ingredients to ensure no irritants. We worked with leading experts, combining our expert knowledge to create this fantastic range of skin care.

All our clothing is made in the UK, and where appropriate we use Soil Accredited Organic Cotton too.

By treating yourself to luxury ingredients, you can feel assured these are approved by the EU as well as a Clinical Therapeutic Radiographer.

These are gentle, cruelty free and ensure no nasty surprises.

All being based within the UK, this minimises our Carbon Footprint too.

The reason I am doing this?

Just for the honest reason after seeing at first hand the terrible implications cancer can bring to the whole family.

We want to help families as much as we can.

We will be helping hospitals and charities too.

With each product bought a percentage of the profit will go towards a chosen charity or hospital.

Each donation will help to contribute towards future research, buying life-saving equipment as well as resources for the staff.

We aim and believe in excellence from a Clinical background to give our individuals the best products.

Looking forward to helping and hearing from you

Founder & CEO
Jasmin Jones