Eating food during cancer treatment

Eating food during cancer treatment

Eating during your Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy, can be hard to tackle, as your told you may put weight on, or lose weight.

One of which if you were or are going through may be hard to believe.

However eating is important, however do not stress, as you are on a journey which will test you body to its full extent.

You can do this.

Eating whatever you may want to eat, is just as important, as your bode tries to heal itself as well as tackling side effects.

However many individuals find they want to start eating healthy, and want to ensure they know what they are putting in their body. Either way- different types of diets will work for different people.


Eating little and often can help, and ensure you make little victories during this. As each meal counts. Whether it is a full roast, or a tapas.

Quality is better than quantity, eating high calorific foods will help. Creams, Ice Creams, Bread, Soups, Slow Cooked food.

Radiotherapy may aggravate your GI tract (depending on your treatment), be careful not to eat to much hot, or spice or scratchy food during your treatment. As your GI Tract may get sore. Toast, crisps, hot currys for example.

If you are watching what you are eating, and want to cut out certain foods such as red meat for example. Be sure not to take such drastic acts during your treatment, you will need to keep your weight up as much as you can.

Macmillan have made a easy video regarding eating. 

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