Mental Health tips for those going through treatment or recovery

Mental Health tips for those going through treatment or recovery

Cancer doesn’t just affect your physical health- it also affects your mental health.

Individuals can feel a high range of emotions.

Here we look at how best to cope with cancer physically and mentally.

Helping yourself:

-Looking after yourself

-Learning to relax

-Talking about how you feel.

It is also important on knowing when to ask for help, if you are having trouble coping, don’t feel guilty or embarrassed about asking others for support.

Looking after yourself-

  • Physical Health – Eating well, can be tricky during a diagnosis. I have enhanced this in my blog on eating during treatment.
  • Sleeping- although steroids, can change your sleep patterns, talking to your GP, if you are not sleeping well will help, as they may be able to help.
  • Keeping active- even if it’s a gentle walk, this has been proven to help you feel positive, and shown benefits during your treatment and recovery.



Relaxing can help you manage depression and anxiety, and help you lift your mood. It may also help with sleep problems, and help you cope with pain.

  • A warm bath
  • Music you like listening too
  • Picturing a nice scene, such as a memory from a holiday
  • Breathing exercises – These can be found on You Tube.
  • Muscle Relaxation- By tensing and relaxing you muscles from your head to your toe, whilst imaging tension flowing away from your body.
  • Mindfulness- staying in the moment. This includes mindful walking and mindful breathing.

Keep Talking-

Cancer can be a worrying time,  and many people find it difficult to talk to someone. But talking about your treatment and recovery can be comforting and can help you find support, feel less anxious, and more in control.

  • Talking to Family and Friends
  • Talking to the Radiographers can help.
  • Your Specified Nurse
  • Your Doctor
  • Support Groups
  • A Councellor
  • Talking to Colleagues

As it is Mental Health Awareness Week, these campaigns make us aware on how to keep intact our mental health, and importance of it.

Thank you


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