What is a Therapy Radiographer/Radiotherapist?

What is a Therapy Radiographer/Radiotherapist?

I’ve had a few questions on what a Therapy Radiographer actually does. And so thought I would write a short blog on it.

Ultimately we are individuals that treat cancer patients using Radiotherapy.

Radiotherapy- using a Linear Accelerator- uses high energy x-rays (radiation) to alternate the DNA of growing or proliferating cells, these being cancer cells in this context.

However we do not only do this.

We not only treat using these multi million pound machines, we also are trained in imaging patients, (as you can imagine we have pretty tight tolerances)

As well as counselling individuals going through such a tough journey and provide first class care.

Day to day we see many patients, with different types of cancers, and ensure they have the upmost care during their treatment.

We work in teams, and have to work with a minimum of 2 people, due to the high levels of radiation being used.

We work alongside, Doctors, Physicists, Dieticians and Speech Language Therapists to name a few.

Having a 3 year degree in University you can specialise into imaging, or counselling, or reviewing patients for example.

There are many avenues to go down this Allied Health Professional Career!

I hope this gives you a snap shot.

Thank you

Proud Radiographer


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